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cable LINE

Our Cable Line represents functional high-class cable pulley systems

The solid, torsion-resistant steel construction withstands all kinds of stress and application fields. The simple and at the same time ingenious pulley principle makes the cable line devices resistant to any kind of weight load, be it direct or finely dosed. The pulleys in our cable line devices allow for an easy realization of multidimensional movements. The mobilization, stabilization, strengthening and coordination of the muscles ensure that accurate movement patterns are being trained, which occur in everyday life or that are job, work, and sport-specific.


The cable line provides a diverse range of exercise options as well as the modular combinability of various cable pulley stations. Therefore, our cable line devices are essential for the basic equipment of every facility, be it a fitness, rehabilitation or training center.
Besides, most of our cable pulley systems correspond to the current EU directive for medical devices.


Device Overview

Cable Pulley Station Professional
Cable Cross Over Station Professional
Combined additional Bench
Short additional Bench for Lat-Pull-Down
Cable Pulley Station Premium
Universal Duo Pulley Station wide
Multifunctional Cable Pulley Station

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