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Dr. Rüdiger Fiehn

For more than 25 years, my customers have trained successfully with the SCHNELL devices.

Link to the MRT Rückenzentrum:

A decisive factor for my choice has been the carefully considered biomechanical motion control of every single device, which ensures a lower level of joint stress, an efficient muscular capacity (eccentric training technique) and thus content and healthy customers.


For me as a premium supplier in the therapy and health sector, it’s been reassuring over the many years of excellent cooperation to have an assisting and reliable partner, who provides their unbureaucratic support even in turbulent times.


Therefore, I have a relaxed view into the digital future, and I know that I’m ready to get involved with the new adventure of highly modern, motorized and software-controlled training devices, in order to meet my clients’ requirements in an even better way.


Due to the latest generation of the SCHNELL equipment combined with the precise Trainsoft training control, it’s the first time that principles, methods and periodization, that used to be reserved for professional or individualized personnel therapy training, are now accessible for all sportsmen and patients.

That’s next-level training control for everybody.

That’s training with digital assistance.

I say thank you for this great opportunity on behalf of my customers.


Dr. Rüdiger Fiehn is the owner of the MRT GmbH >>Medizinisches Rückentraining<<, Bad Honnef.