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myPSA Sportcampus

With the SCHNELL high-tech training devices, our members have achieved long-term training results on the myPSA sport campus in Augsburg since 2018.

Link to the myPSA sports campus:

MyPSA is a sport campus of the Post SV Augsburg e.V., which is on the latest technical level. Having been planned for years, one of the most modern buildings of its kind in Germany has been built under the influence of numerous experts for sports, architecture, construction and IT.

The SCHNELL training equipment was a “perfect match”. A decisive factor for that choice were and still are the fitness devices, which have been developed on the basis of sports science. The devices enable our members to achieve their individual goals effectively and at the same time to protect their tendons and joints while training.

In combination with the intelligent training software of the firm aktivKONZEPTE, the SCHNELL devices offer our members a health-oriented power and endurance training, which records the training results automatically and thus provides more independence in training. Our members see the results and get even more motivated.

We would like to thank SCHNELL for the opportunity to be part of the digital modern sports world and thus to be able to have an optimistic view in the future of sports.

SCHNELL – this name stands for high-quality training and digital control.