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SCHNELL as a brand

More than 60 years ago, at the beginning of the SCHNELL history, the company’s purpose was to improve the physical performance of athletes. Thanks to the accurate analysis of the locomotor system and its leverage ratio, we have been able to develop revolutionary methods and devices. Ever since, the international sports elite has relied on us and has entrusted their health, muscles, tendons and joints to us. We are in constant awareness of this responsibility.

However, an even bigger challenge is ahead of us: to provide people who want to improve their fitness (or recreational athletes) with the suitable training devices. In doing so, it is even more important to pay attention to fitness, muscles, tendons and joints, as amateurs generally don’t know much about the functions of the locomotor system. Instead, they often trust instructors and devices blindly. The SCHNELL products and concepts are based on sound scientific results, 60 years of experience and the intensive cooperation with professional athletes. In the rehabilitation and prevention area, we benefit from our cooperation with universities, medical specialists and physiotherapists and rely on the therapeutic success of patients who have been healed thanks to our products. Our future goal is still to improve or rebuild peoples’ physical performance. That’s what the SCHNELL brand stands for.

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