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Timm Kremer is the CEO of the medical institution PhysioWorld in the Palais Cure + Move GmbH as well as the family company leader in the second generation.

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From the very beginning, the excellent biomechanical training devices as well as the competent SCHNELL team have been an integral part of our physiotherapeutic family business, which is located in the center of Frankfurt am Main. With the SCHNELL training devices, we offer our patients and customers an ideal equipment-based and functional training.

In our sports areas, we have more than 30 SCHNELL devices on two levels. They can be used reliably thanks to our partner’s quality standard and excellent customer service. In medical training therapy, we are able to provide our patients with a safe and biomechanically perfect training.

We really appreciate the simple and precice handling of the equipment. Integrating the devices for cervical spine training into our therapy particularly makes us gain an absolute USP. Furthermore, it is a popular training extension for our patients and members.  Thus, we are now also able to guarantee the therapy with a systematic power training for the cervical spine in an effective and safe way.

We like to make use of the isometric maximum force measurement in order to tailor the training in an even more targeted and individual way to the adjustment of muscle dysbalances and limited mobility.

In our adjacent fitness area, which is often used by patients after their successful rehabilitation in order to continue their training preventively, we use the SCHNELL Synchro Line and we are convinced of the equipment’s functionality and design. Our customers as well as the whole team of PhysioWorld Cure + Move enjoy that the equipment’s look matches our loft atmosphere in the studio.

The SCHNELL devices have had a significant impact on our success. We say thank you for that and are looking forward to the next years of partnership!